Friday, October 19, 2012

Returning to writing

I haven't written a blog post in nearly three months, but don't worry, I can explain.

I've been deep in the wilderness. Away from internet. Falling in love. Rafting rivers. Traveling to foreign countries. And, most recently, reacquainting myself with friends and family. It's been exhausting, though that's no excuse. But I plan to catch up here. Really, I do.

This week, I escaped into Vermont to read, write and get a healthy, much-needed dose of solitude and quiet. My friend Theo has very kindly lent me his one-room cabin in the woods (complete with internet and outdoor hot tub), and I find myself once again infatuated with this state. It feels more like home than anywhere else I've been.

After leaving Costa Rica on Oct. 5, I found myself dropped from the sky into another life: Massachusetts, a whirlwind of trying to see people, call people back, write them back, pay bills, run errands, check things off lists – pick up pieces I had left behind. Finally, I packed my car and drove north. I breathed a deep breath as I crossed the border, my car the only one on the highway, wind carrying sound, autumn light on the hills. Now I find myself where I needed to be: sitting in the last rays of sunlight on the front porch of a cabin, all alone. No sound but wind in leaves, a bird or two. Cold evening air creeping uphill. Sunlight horizontal through the last yellow beech leaves and the skeleton arms of maples. Tomorrow the sun will turn to rain, and I will wake up and start a fire in the woodstove and listen to water pelting the windows, and I will write. I will watch the brown stalks outside bend and shiver in the wind as the last leaves are pulled from the trees, and I will write.

Why I love Vermont, Part 2 (abbreviated):

  1. There are no billboards in the state of Vermont
  2. Montpelier is the only state capital without a McDonald's

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