Monday, August 26, 2013

the june bug on my porch

While lively green moths
and papery powder-white ones
flutter around the lightbulb in a kind of midsummer orgy,
the june bug walks the porch floor alone,
stopping now and again to wave its front legs in the air
and lift its head as if sniffing. It walks blindly, alone,
following a bearing neither of us can see;
body heavy and lumbering, a bug
that crashes into window screens and thuds off walls,
clumsy and endearing.
Resolutely it plods along the cement floor, blind
to the daddy long legs that now strides across its path,
blind to the crane flies in the air,
to the spiders behind the door,
the earwig in the cushions –
blind to me, writing about insects on my porch
as my own neighbor walks by on the sidewalk
and the purple evening fades to dark.

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